Yeah, it's been a damned long ti…

Yeah, it’s been a damned long time since I’ve updated. I took the ‘Ragnarok Online’ part out of the subtext of our title for reasons I will explain in this lovely rant. First of all, I’ve not updated because I’ve been damned busy. Part of that is the fact that I’ve had tons of shit going on, the other part is that I’m just lazy about updating webpages, and always will be. We also haven’t been playing all that much Ragnarok Online lately. Both SaturnKitty and myself have been fighting with Linux over the last few days, and although our problems are quite different, it has been sufficient to take the focus of our computer attention away from RO. We’ll probably go back, but who can say? That’s why I took the Ragnarok Online part out of subtext. One day, we will stop playing the game. It happens to everything we do. Yet, we’ve been a close friend group for quite some time, so I think doing this communal website is a damned good idea. Because of this I hope this page will evolve into something other than it was originally envisioned. Part of that, I think, will come if we stop using our RO names as our web names. ZenZagg is the only one that won’t change at all. I’m also going to get in touch with Kitty and see if wants to come up a page-ish thing where he can post his own rants/content within the framework of the site. I’m also going to start doing some rants of my own on here, and archiving them somewhere. I think we’ll keep the Hat! clan name, but if that’s voted down, well, what can I do?

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