It seems like we've had quite a …

It seems like we’ve had quite a few of these no-feature days in July. While I can say I’m not at all worried about this becoming a real problem, I feel that I should explain that, as far as obligations go, July has been hell . Sheer, utter, HELL . That’s my explanation for why we’re all always so drained. Well, other than Kitty. He’s just lazy. And proud of it. Damn, damn proud. However, and here’s a promise, Zen is working on a feature now, and I am personally going to post two tomorrow. One of them is 90% finished, and I just don’t have the energy to finish it tonight. The other is complete in my head, but has nothing in digital form. Consider it my way of making up for this week. If you’re mad, blame the library. Speaking of the library, I’ve come to an interesting discovery: slightly more than half of the money required to run this site comes from GA tax payers. Wrap your brain about that. We’re government funded!

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