Election 2004: Hurray Cananananda!

Hit me, clown, because you’re a little girl.

Here’s some political (toucan) poetry to get you all fired up for voting tomorrow.

From my fingers come the destruction,
Wrath from my homeland of Alberta,
I am a terrorist, eh?

President Bush has my support.
I needed new animals for my farm,
And he helped me impregnate my donkey.

Upon the car I did see a sticker,
Which said “If Kerry is the answer, the question must be stupid.”

I need no experience.
I need no arms or legs,
I lost them in the Vietnam.

To pray one must be sober,
So says the Quran,
But what about those drunk on God?

I wish I wish,
To be a fish,
And still smarter than the Frenchish.

Every second changes,
It takes me nine,
To say a sentence, eh?

I stood before his body,
The police won’t care,
He had the terror.

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