Juxoments In Juxime

Impromptu feature madness!

Earlier today, Kenny perfected yet another new toy for us to use, after we noticed a rather interesting error. As usual when he goes out of his way to create an entirely new interface for us to manipulate the database with in less than 24 hours, we rewarded him amply with absolutely nothing. Well, that’s not true. I generally attempt to toss in a joke or two, to make him feel loved and appreciated. Quoted, from about 1:00 this afternoon:

CrossedReality: Is there anything you can’t do?
Kenny (Lab): i’m not sure… i’ll let you know if i find something

Now, some of you may have noticed that Kenny attempts to act even crazier than the rest of us in many respects when posting to this site. Little do you know, that his attention span is actually quite long, and his ability to time a joke beats mine by a mile. Witness this quote (with no spelling corrected), coming out of the blue as I’m about to go to bed, a full tweleve hours after the random comment made earlier that anyone else other than a Juxer would have forgotten about already:

Kenny: bingo
Kenny: menstrate
Kenny: can’t do it

And I’m still laughing. Thus, I save this moment for posterity.

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