Jesus H. Mazda, it took me almos…

Jesus H. Mazda, it took me almost two full hours tonight to figure out which classes I need to register for tomorrow, and I’m still not entirely sure whether I’m going to be going Monday, Wednesday and Friday or Monday-Thursday. It’s never taken me this long.

I blame Kennesaw for offering all the cool electives (well, electives for me) in the fall and all the shitty ones in the spring. Case in point: if I’d needed an elective in the fall, I could have taken Careers in Writing or Fiction Writing. Spring? Poetry Writing or Technical Writing. Those sound…pointless.

Oh well, assuming all goes well tomorrow when I actually register, I’ll be one step closer to the finish line. My course hours keep going up. But since I don’t take insane ninja classloads year round like Kenny, he’ll still be graduating before me 😦

while we’re on that subject, I think everyone in the world needs to send letters to Zen. I’m not saying why, just that we need a massive “Rock the Zen” letter campaign. You can insert your own reason. Perhaps you want Zen to rock the bears. Maybe you want Zen to rock the casbah. Me? My rockin’ Zen reasons are secret.

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