They've been rolling them out fo…

They’ve been rolling them out for weeks, but I’ve finally recieved my new computer at work.

For the past three years, I’d been tether to an ancient Pentium II and a monitor so old and dim that it was hard to see any detail in any photo. Plus it was set to 800×600 (a compromise resolution, since I refused to work with 640, but everyone else refused to use 1024) at 65hz. That meant eye death.

Last month we got a temporary replacement here at reference of a Pentium III Coppermine…good, but not great. Same monitor, too.

Now I’m typing this on a shiny new HP slimline computer. 2.8 GHZ Pentium 4, new monitor, new mouse, new keyboard, hurray. It’s a lot nicer than the crap I was stuck with before. Granted, it’s still not my home PC, but it’s a start.

Actually, I’m ashamed to admit this, but I really like this keyboard. It’s quiet and low pressure, with sensitive keys. It lets me type faster, although I’m not used to it so I’m doing a few more errors. Much like my laptop keyboard, after I type on it for about an hour or so I adjust. I’d love to have something like this at home. It even looks sexy, yet, traditional, with no media buttons I’d never use. Maybe I’ll look into getting one from HP. But will it cost more than my current keyboard, which was a whopping $5? *shrug*

Naturally, even with everything upgraded, the preview button in our news/feature poster doesn’t work on any of the computers at the library. Just brilliant.

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