Yesterday was my turkey day, and…

Yesterday was my turkey day, and there was much eating and family fun to be had. It was quite pleasant. I deliberately avoided talking about it before now because I wanted Travis’s announcement to hold the top spot for an extra long period of time. Now that it has, I’m free to speak.

The holidays are upon us, my dear Juxers. This means that feature production will be sporadic and highly unanticipated. On the one hand, I have many family events coming up. On the other hand, I have lots of free time with school getting out and work closing. On yet a third hand, there’s the whole finals and a research paper thing to worry about. From here to January, just like the past two years, things are going to be interesting.

You know, I say that every year. I’m sure you, the single entity I talk to when I imagine the average Jux reader, fully understands what we go through each holiday season. You go through it yourself. Grab a chunk of turkey for me, okay?

And now for the joke I’ve longed to make: “Yeah, she swapped his gobble.”

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