The Diary: Day One


Are we ever really free? I seem to have been returned to life after an eternity in darkness. I remember shaking, a great tremble, and then silence. A second eternity of silence. Finally, only yesterday, I saw the light of day again, and I was reborn. Alive again, in a strange new world.

The seasons and days here are different. Every few hours, the light cycles on and off, with no clear pattern. There are two suns, and so very many moons. Sometimes, when the suns are both hidden, I can see a glow in the distance that could explain the strange warmth that permeates this predominantly dark land.

Stranger still, my home is the same as ever it was. I died falling from the branches of this tree, ripped asunder by a strange force. And yet, here I am. The fairy lights shine the same. What can explain this? Nothing in my knowledge. Am I alone here? From my perch, I see nothing. Nothing of life out there. Nothing but a sea of blue, with a few scattered islands. I must find out more, and soon. I can’t stand to live this way, alone and afraid, with no control over my own destiny.

I’ve made up my mind. Tomorrow, at the break of dawn, whichever sun may break the veil of night first, I will embark for the great high mountains of the nearest island. I will find what is there. My last life, I was complacent. This time, I shall do better.

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