It's amazing. I've sloughed off …

It’s amazing. I’ve sloughed off so much stress in the past few days that I still don’t know what to do about it. I think it’s coming off in layers. God, I love Christmas. I love Christmas so much, I think I’ll be writing an ornament feature tonight ahead of my internal schedule.

I also can’t wait to play videogames again on the 25th (24th?). It’s been so long, I’ve sort of forgotten what it’s like. I’ve fallen really behind this year on everything but expansion packs for PC games I already had, and Silent Hill. Too busy.

I also need to start writing again, but that’s another matter.

Vivian is still shocked and awed, but getting better I think. She’s going to get aid for the season, and then she’ll (hopefully) be heading to Pickens Tech. So long as she doesn’t spill the bananas.

Also, Gremlins rocks hard. Word.

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