Goodbye, Little One


On December 17, 2004, MacSheba left the hands of Graeme Hefner. She was very sick; unable to even boot into MacOS. Her logic board had failed her. It was a trait she was born with, one that she had lived with for over two years before finally, suddenly, succumbing.

Sick, but not dead. Her mother, we shall call her Apple, called her home to them, saying that she could be healed, and that Apple could do it for free. It was the mother’s genes that caused MacSheba to suffer, Apple said, and the mother’s genes could be fixed. Carefully bundled up in warm winter clothes, MacSheba departed from Apple’s home in the North Point Mall. Little did she know, she would be saying goodbye to her father for much longer than she thought.

A month passed since Graeme sent off his little MacSheba, and he was starting to get worried. There was no word from her mother, and she had assured Graeme that his little iBook would be healthy as a spring chicken in a week. Two weeks, tops. Just when Graeme was preparing to call Apple, to see what had occurred with their child, he got a voice mail message. It sounded bad.

We know very little. Little MacSheba got on the plane at Apple’s house in Alpharetta Georgia, but never arrived at Apple’s big house in Cupertino California. After MacSheba got on the DHL plane, however, her tale is lost in time…

I never even really got to say goodbye.

All kidding aside, my little iBook really was lost by DHL on its way to Apple for the logic board repair program. Everything important was backed up, but I can’t help but worry a little bit. I don’t have any financial information on it, but I do have a lot of my writing on there. I guess I just have to be careful. I doubt anyone would want it, though. I think either it really is lost, and is going to show up at Apple at random sometime in the next year, or it got swiped by some random DHL guy and is going to be wiped and sold on eBay.

This doesn’t turn out all that badly, though. Apple is giving me a new, much more powerful iBook for free in return for my grief. MacSheba was an old iBook with an 800mhz G3, a 32mb Radeon 7500, and 256mb of SDRAM. Shebintosh, as I have dubbed her new sister who will be here at the beginning of next week, is a 1.2ghz G4 (which should be roughly twice as fast as the old processor in practice), has 512mb of DDR RAM, and a 32mb Radeon 9200. Not to mention all the nice new software I never bothered to buy from Apple, like iLife and, oh, Mac OS 10.3. It’s an interesting way to get Panther, for sure. And, hey, I’ll have a slot-loading combo drive now. Huzzah!

And yet…I can’t help but want to have a moment of silence for my little MacSheba, who was taken so young and full of life. She traveled the east cost of the United States with me, and lived with me in Italy, where the big computers that I normally used daily feared to tread. When I moved and was without broadband for a week, she was there for me with her little interal 56k modem. Last, but not least, she introduced me to the wonders of what having Wi-Fi in a university environment can do.

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