I apologize for the lack of feat…

I apologize for the lack of features lately. Blame a messed-up situation at work that’s driving me crazy, being the sole caretaker of two attention whore pugs and a blind cat for the week (with some help from Vivian), and philosophy papers!!!!!!!1111oneoneone .

I could post another paper as a feature again. Would you like that? I thought not.

I also have the whole thing going on where I haven’t been able to focus on any of my real writing for quite awhile. I meant to spend every Friday in 2005 doing at least something, but that’s fallen through thanks to spending time with Vivian and driving everywhere in the Northwest section of this damned state doing history research.

But it tempts me…unfortunately, when I spend time writing on serious matters, Jux tends to suffer. I don’t want Jux to suffer.

I need a 34 hour day.

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