Adding insult to injury, I have …

Adding insult to injury, I have the following to relate. When I first got home from school today, a minor storm had been through the area, and our phone lines had been hit. The surge protector I run the phone lines through gave up the ghost in this hit, but moms and pops wanted to be on the internet, so I direct connected the line, figuring I’d get a new one tomorrow.

Only, the storm of the century blew through tonight, as evidence by the brand new “speed holes” on my car, and apparently struck our lines again, killing two phones upstairs (mine, thanks to not being reconnected at all after the improv rewiring, survived) and…the DSL modem. So, here I am, typing this up on Shebintosh, connected at a whopping 45333 bps. I guess I should thank god for emergency dialup, but I’ll thank him a lot more if he’ll get my replacement modem out here tomorrow.

I figure World of Warcraft would still be playable, but their authentication server is being a bitch right now, so I have no way of finding out.

What a week this has been, let me tell you…I’m about ready to declare March “vacation month”, wherein Graeme does absolutely nothing not required to sustain human life unless he finds it personally entertaining. What a dream that would be, no?

Here’s to paying to repair cars!

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