A Day In The Life

ZenZagg cannot resist this! (A photo essay)

The day began as any other did; with Kenny and I doing something really stupid. In this case, visiting the Dark Portal, which is surrounded by level fivehojillion guards of asskicking. We have only level fourhojillion powers. (Graeme is pictured in travel form)

Naturally, this leads to a standoff.

Never ones to let down our fans, we decided to piss off the biggest dragon we could find, and whatever happened to be near it, as we strolled out of the Blasted Lands.

With that done, it was time to go make fun of the people who need five person groups to do the Scarlet Monastery. Since we kick more ass than anyone else on our server our level (seriously, apparently), we go ahead and do it alone. Again. Don’t be fooled by the level 26 Warlock in the group there; she’s nowhere near the instance.

Nothing like killing paladins in a fountain. Evil paladins, mind.

Say hello to Pompo, our mascot, and Creator of Squirrels. Or, as Kenny might say, summoner of Hot Succubi. She’s almost to the point where she can run with her big, 40+ patrons.

Just a quiet day in Ironforge. But Kenny and I are getting stressed, so we decide to head to our favorite vacation spot: the Sunrock Retreat.

On the boat to Kalimdor. (Note: actually, this is a simulated boat. The real one was replaced with Cap’n Placeholder a few weeks ago, perhaps forever.)

Stonetalon isn’t the best looking place in the world.

Of course, I forget to mention that Sunrock is a Horde town. We’ll have to clear out all the pesky players and NPCs first, before our vacation. While the next series of shots can’t show you the true action (I was kind of too busy to hit the screenshot button for most of it), we killed everyone in the town in less than five minutes. Observe what I can show you.

With the ganking of a poor, unsuspecting level 22 who couldn’t even see us, the two-man raid begins. This is made possible by our awesomeness.

Silly guards! Notice the skeletons.

I would like to point out that the dead Tauren hunter attacked us while we were busy with the guards. Amatuer. And to those that would accuse of ganking for real: We only kill once, right next to the graveyard, unless they attack us. We have no qualms if they start the skirmish. So there.

In which Graeme decides to recharge his mana and tank awhile. Did someone call for Dire Bear form?

Despite a level 22 attacking me for some reason, I decide to detour and kill the innkeeper.

The hammer does not make up for you being a stupid cow.

Alright! Real competition! This Shaman would fall twice. Each time he res’d, the level 20s would rally around him and run at us again. It failed both times.

Of course, after a few more minutes of our relaxing vacation, real cavalry comes in. One level 43 and a handful of lessers? No problem. Add a level 42 rogue to the mix, and a level 50 hunter, and the town’s guards adding back in after the original assault, and we might have a problem. Kenny dies and I make good my escape.

Not good enough, though.

Was it something we said, maybe?

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