It's been a weird few days, I kn…

It’s been a weird few days, I know. Updates have been prevented. I had, and still have, a ton of classwork to do this week. Tonight is German night, as such. Not only that, but Vivian had something of a nervous breakdown in the end of last week, and I had to work all weekend. I’m at work right now, actually.

So what else is new? For those of you who didn’t know, I have to start applying to grad schools this summer/fall, which means taking the GRE sometime this summer. My list of schools to apply to is growing, but I’m currently sure on only five or six. Let’s list them!

Come Fall 2006, Graeme will likely be living at:

Columbia (Pray for me)
Stanford (More prayer)
UC Berkeley
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Penn State (Wouldn’t that be weird?)
Georgia State (Last choice, because I would hate going to school in Atlanta)

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