CSI: Strippertown

The writing quality just keeps going downhill.

– Scene 1 –

The naked woman on the floor was dead. Very dead. Badgers are eating my flesh because they’re out of hamburger dead.

The CSI guys looked the body over.

“What do you see, Mac?” Aidan said.

“I see a dead Hooker,” Mac replied.

“That’s right, a dead hooker. Always a dead hooker. And what does a dead hooker mean?”

“More hookers?”

“Damn straight Mac. Damn straight.”

– Scene 2 –

“Did you kill that hooker, Mrs. Whore?” Aidan asked the whore.

“No!” The whore shouted.

“We can prove you did,” Mac said.

“Yes!” The whore shouted.

Mac smiled inside. Being a CSI was the easiest job in the world.

– Scene 3 –

“Mrs. Whore, for the crime of killing a hooker, you are fined $125. Your second hooker will cost you $1,250. Maybe you’ll think again before harming someone else’s property.”

“I’s sorry, Mr. Judge.” Mrs. Whore said.

*loud music*

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