Kickball Highlights The First

Contains one (1) leg-humping.

Team Graeme Abandons Certain Victory.
The start of the match involved picking teams. It was decided that this would best be done by classic school yard rules, with Hannah Bobo being the captain of Team Hannah. Hannah had the first pick, and she chose Samantha Boylan. Graeme then chose Scott Hankinson for his team. Hannah picked Travis Rosenbaum next.

At this point, Team Graeme was faced with a dilemma. Left to be chosen was Peter Rosconi, Vivian Rath and Kelley Sosebee. Had they taken Peter, the teams would have been massively unbalanced in their favor. Instead, they chose Vivian, and a good game was insured.

Nearly Rained Out Again
The planned start of the season was canceled partially because of a rainstorm, and the rain had already made the grass of the playing field soaking wet by the time everyone arrived to attempt the second (first) game. Nature held back, but the combination of wet grass and the linoleum tiles used as bases made for a slick playing surface, especially at the start of the game. Scott suffered the worst from the wet grass; he fell multiple times in the first inning .

Interesting Interference
Eight twenty-somethings playing kickball generates a lot of noise. Dogs like noise, and so it was that the stray neighborhood dog came to watch us play, and got involved in a little of the action. Most notably, he decided to hump Samantha’s leg at one point.

A good time was had by all.

Injuries? Wimps.
Injuries to Team Graeme: 0, despite repeated falls.

Team Hannah did not have the same luck. Peter was the only player on their team to escape an injury of some sort. Samantha was pegged with a ball three times; twice on her thigh and once on her ass, the last of which she did not even feel. However, the thigh balls hurt.

Travis took a shoulder to the chest and abdomen when he dove over second base trying to catch a passed ball at the same time Graeme was reaching the base.

Hannah was pegged out with the ball, but she took a direct shot to the chest with it, producing great amounts of pain. Beyond that, a falling branch struck her in the neck when a ball was kicked into the tree she was standing under.

Everyone played well; much better than the results of our game last year. I’d like to thank the training everyone had to go under to play this year, but that had nothing to do with it really.

Team Graeme lost the first match of the season 24 to 19. The gap was far greater than that earlier in the game because of a disastrous second inning, but the score totals grew steadily closer as time went on.

We’ll get ‘em Sunday.

Tune in next time for pictures, and funnier, better written commentary. The week removed from the event and the recent downtime that Jux suffered has somewhat sapped my brain, as we’re still trying to fix the staff section.

Really Finally…
Kudos to Team Hannah for getting the best of Team Graeme in one special situation. Standard practice involved the outfield moving out for Travis and Peter to kick, and then back in to the infield when Hannah and Samantha kicked. After Hannah managed to kick a ball right over Scott and Graeme’s heads, this special treatment was reserved only for Samantha.

Team Graeme
Graeme Hefner
Scott Hankinson
Vivian Rath
Kelley Sosebee

Team Hannah
Hannah Bobo
Samantha Boylan
Travis Rosenbaum
Peter Rosconi

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