I used to be addicted to CCGs. I…

I used to be addicted to CCGs. I was awesome. I went to the regionals. I still have all of my cards (unless Will and Scott really did steal some of my magic cards; I never checked, and if so, I really owed them to them. However, if you still have my Vesuvians…those I’d like back some day 😉

Anyway, so Vivian and Kelley like the Pokemon CCG. And they got Kenny to liking it. So, naturally, I started to play it with them. This resulted in a moment of “it begiiiiiiiiiins!” addiction. I have fewer cards than any of them, and I consistently win already. I’m still hoping to wean them on to Vampire: TES.

One thing is clear: the magic cards lurking in my closet are not to be disturbed. I stopped playing/buying magic cards with Alliances in 1996. To disturb the beast lurking in that closet would be…disasterous. It simply must not be done.

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