So after watching Advent Childre…

So after watching Advent Children twice in two days, and playing Final Fantasy X-2 for awhile tonight, my latent nerd has been reactivated despite Square’s best efforts for years to kill it. (XI? What the fuck man?)

Best party ever:

3-person (FF 7,8)
Terra, Yuna, Celes

4-person (FF…lots of them)
Terra, Yuna, Celes, Squall (Lionheart > X Cut)

5-person (FFIV)
Terra, Yuna, Celes, Squall, Tidus

7-person instant-switch turn-based (FFX)
Terra, Yuna (X, not X-2), Celes, Squall, Tidus, Cloud, and Mog just because he’s cool.

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