Crossed Reality

Crossed Reality Compendium Part 1: Crossed Reality

The Crossed Reality Compendium
Introduction Part 1: Crossed Reality

This story has never, ever, been edited. As soon as it was completed spell check was run on it and then it was let go. There are spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. I won’t apologize for them, because at this point I just don’t care. I started writing this story during good times and finished it during very bad ones. I didn’t have the heart or the energy to go back and edit it when it was finished, and so it languished.

Although I’m no longer particularly fond of the storyline found within this story, nor am I proud of the writing contained here, I do still have a certain fondness for the characters. I’ve tried to “reboot” or “re-imagine” a similar storyline containing these characters many times, beginning with the sequel Zero which was never finished.

So why abandon this story? I just don’t think it works. The sequel never worked either, despite being planned while this was being written, just because it was attached to this story. I liked the characters, but I didn’t like how they came across here at all. My writing skills were not up to putting to paper what I had in mind back in 2000/2001.

Funnily enough given the number of times I’ve tried to remake it, Crossed Reality itself is a remake of sorts of a short story called the Scenarist, which is being released to Jux as Part 0 of this compendium.

Read on if you’re the curious sort. I make no claims to quality anymore. Do keep in mind that nothing within the story is considered to have ever happened in the new storyline, the characters are completely different, etc. The whole thing never happened. Looking to this novella to try and decipher what’s going to happen in the main storyline of the new series being released to Jux would be entirely futile, although there will doubtless be certain homages.

Graeme Hefner
December 23, 2005

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