I was looking through the Narchi…

I was looking through the Narchive trying to find a quote to reveal how much better life is now than it was in 2002, when I discovered this one:

“And my day was made last Monday when my friend Rebecca asked “And this is what the game looks like when you’re playing it?” when I was showing her Resident Evil on the GameCube. My response: “I am playing it.””

The REmake was definitely a beautiful game, and it still is. I’d forgotten about that exact moment, but I do remember it quite well now. It’s not quite as memorable as when I was showing Samantha Silent Hill 2 and she jumped sky high and screamed when a nurse game around the corner with a pipe in her hand, but it’s an interesting memory just the same.

Speaking of dinner in the post below, we discussed Ashleigh Gay. I miss her sometimes. Dozens of people have contacted us after googling their names, and if you do that, do me a favor and contact us, alright? It’s been over a year since the last time I even had word of you, much less spoke to you.

Speaking of both Rebecca and people not speaking to me, I’ve pretty much given up on ever speaking to Ms. Traylor again. Vivian will be happy about that, but it strikes me as a bit sad, since I don’t like to let friendships die. I’ve done my part in trying to contact people over the years though, and I’m not exactly a hard person to reach. Any person reading this website can find at least two ways to contact me at any moment, and my cell phone number hasn’t changed in five years.

I’m pleased to say that even though the weekly Mage night fell through, I no longer feel disconnected from Mr. Scott Hankinson, something that bothered me for years. He’s doing quite well now, with jobs and girls and all the things that make life interesting.

Part of me really wants to go to Madison later this year, and part of me really wants to go to Emory. I don’t want to leave these people behind. I’ll have Vivian and Sadie with me, but it’s not really the same as having all of my friends around. Sure, I’ll come and visit, but it won’t be the same. New friends will be found, but I’m running out of people who can look at me and go: “I remember him when he was a loser and we used to sit on the roof of my parent’s house and talk about girls.”

Why this should upset me I don’t know, but I’m a man who values time invested .

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