Hung out with Scott and Travis (…

Hung out with Scott and Travis (+ Vivian later) on Friday night, where multiple bottles of wine were consumed and board games played. Also, for the first time since god-knows-when in high school, we played truth or dare. And never-have-I-ever. Fucked up, I tell you.

It was weird without Kenny there, though. Apparently he told Kelley, who also hates me now, that I threatened to have Vivian kick him out if he let Kelley come over. Since I never said any such thing, my continuing confusion and weird detached sadness over the whole deal continues. I’m blocked from speaking to him on AIM, and I doubt anything better would come of me calling him. As I told Travis, this would be a lot easier if I was pissed off at him too, but I’m not, so I just have to sit here and wonder what the hell got into him that made him leave overnight.

Combined with the school schedule from hell that is driving me out of my home, and working in Woodstock now, times are not overly pleasant here in Hefner land, but I’m making the most of it.

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