Why Won't You Come Over Here? (1.1083)

Oh my god it’s done.

To skip all the crap I have to say about the writing of this segment, just click the link below and ignore everything else.

Click here to download the PDF and read the story!

So anyway, what you’re reading above isn’t what I originally planned chapter 3 of this story to be at all. The original chapter three, which was called at the end He Could Have Been So Much More (1.0083) will most likely never be written, because I hated it. I finally realized that’s what’s been holding me up for these past few weeks, even more than the insane amount of time I have to devote to classwork right now. I really, really hated what happened in that chapter.

I swapped two of the characters, I swapped the point of view (three times!), I did pretty much everything I could, but in the end it was just an expositionary chapter, and I hated it. I’ve decided with this story to just write the parts that are interesting. Whatever happens in between is probably going to be mostly inferred. Hopefully, this will work.

The events that would have been covered in the original chapter 3 will still be mentioned at least vaguely, because the events of that chapter still “happened.” They would just be boring to read, so I’m not going to bother.

Minor Spoiler Alert
As for this new chapter 3, I like it a lot. The idea to do it this way came to me at work today and I ran with it. The point of view character in this chapter was mentioned in 1.0083 , but didn’t actually appear. The character was originally never supposed to appear at all other than being vaguely mentioned by other characters, actually. I like it much better this way.

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