What the hell is with people and…

What the hell is with people and the trendy website du jour? Livejournal? Myspace? Facebook? Friendster?

Really, I just don’t get it. I don’t have to keep inventing new places online to hang out with my friends. First there was IRC, then there was AIM. Simple.

I don’t have to create new places to meet people in real life. I just act like myself and they gravitate to me because I am, quite simply, the greatest human being to ever live.*

Perhaps this is the most interesting thing to ever happen in the universe. Geeks have become so cool to normal people that they’re trying to invade our territory. Dumbasses on myspace trying to create some sort of “webblogpagejournalbookface” are just as rediculous as the 98-pound freshman trying out for football to get cheerleaders. Jesus.

* This could be a small exaggeration.

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