I've been playing DDR for hours….

I’ve been playing DDR for hours. Despite my lack of any money incoming, I finally broke down and bought Extreme (not 2).

I’ve been in a very bad mood lately. No job, Kenny’s still mad at me for what is essentially (if I understand Kelley correcting) a gigantic misunderstanding, graduate school has become a pain in the ass that may be an indefinite pain in the ass, I didn’t get to see Samantha while she was in town for Spring Break, for the first time in a long while I don’t have any money…

It’s frustrating, and extremely so. There’s nothing I can really do about it but try to keep this from becoming senioritis and affecting my ability to do school work. One of my classes is already done, another doesn’t meet anymore, so that’s at least a little okay.

Or maybe it’s Oaky. Like a tree. Very, very oaky.

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