On Saturday I finally cracked an…

On Saturday I finally cracked and went insane, ranting and raving about my printer (a beloved Canon S750 that I had simply beat to death printing manuscripts) and how it was impossible to get anything out of it that looked even semi-professional with all the lines and blotches the thing would print. I had no choice at the time but to print everything necessary for my GSU application as best I could and send it off that morning.

That afternoon, though, I recieved from my parents a new Brother HL-2040 laser printer. I finally have a damned laser printer. In exchange, I turned over the S750 to them to replace their ancient and decrepit (and frankly, broken) DeskJet 722C that came with my 333mhz Pentium II back in 1998 or so. My printouts are now crazily crisp and fresh.

I’m sure the Canon could be fixed by replacing the print head and dusted really well, but I print out so much as a student and a writer that an inkjet just really doesn’t make much sense anymore. I bought the Canon because it had very fast text printing and cheap ink costs. I left it in greyscale most of the time to save color ink that I never really needed to use anyway. The thing wasn’t a photoprinter and was never very good and printing them. Besides, I can either go to Walgreens to print out photos with their dye sublimation printers or I bought my sister Erin a photo printer two years ago for Christmas. I’ve got it covered.

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