The British Influence On The Hawaiian Islands

My senior thesis.

My senior thesis, the document that killed Jux for most of a semester, is contained below. By clicking on the link you will read it, and it will be good. A few notes:

On Primary Sources

The majority of the primary sources for my topic can found in one of two places: Hawaii or England. Having no way to get to either of those locations during the time frame I was given for the paper, I had to work with secondary sources more than I would like. I plan to revisit this later on and fix it up a little once I do have access to more primary sources. As it is I found a good number of more prominent ones, just not everyday things like letter archives.

On Plagarism

Copy this and I will kill. So will your professor. In fact, there’s a chance that one day I will be the professor you’re attempting to turn this in to. If that happens not only will you fail the class, you’ll be sued for copyright infringement. I will likely also hit you in the face with a baseball bat. If that’s worth saving a few weeks, more power to you.

On Bibliographies

The full bibliography for this paper is not included in the pdf file to make the plagarism more difficult. It’s one of those things you have to do when putting something on the internet. However, the paper is still fully cited and all footnotes are intact.

The British Influence on the Hawaiian Islands

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