I think I just realized that the…

I think I just realized that the best story ever written using the themes I use best has already been written by someone else.

However, I also think I just found justification to continue my second novel that I abandoned about two years ago.

Also, I bought new boots today. Yesterday actually, I’m just still awake. The pair being replaced I bought for the dance I never went to with Rebecca back in November of 2001. I’ve lived in two houses with those boots and worked almost all of my years at the library. I was wearing those boots in Rome, Pompeii, Florence, Siena, Venice, Sorrento, Naples, Pennsylvania, and of course Montepulciano. San Franciso.

I lost Rebecca in those boots, met Vivian in those boots. Founded Jux in those boots. I watched Kenny disappear for reasons only he truly understands in those boots. My puppy has only known those boots.

I could have done a retrospective like this when I changed watches for the first time since fifth grade back in 2004, but I didn’t. Why?

The boots aren’t dead yet. They’re still going to be worn every day. But they’re worn out, for sure. And over time my new pair will replace the old in more and more activities until they’ve become completely daily wear.

A lot can happen in five years. Especially if you’re the kind of idiot who dwells in his past and never forgets a single part of it.

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