Searching for jobs you don't wan…

Searching for jobs you don’t want update: In the past several days, I’ve applied for underwriting and claims specialist jobs at Liberty Mutual, Allstate, and Esurance. Why so much insurance? Hell if I know. I think it sounds like interesting, if soulless, work that I wouldn’t mind doing for awhile, but wouldn’t mind leaving behind to continue my actual career either.

School update: Graduating technically sometime this week, I’m not sure when. My transcript is already updated to show my degree. 4.0 my final semester, President’s List and all.

Kenny update: Still not talking to me. Depressing, now that I have time to think about it. All of this just because he misunderstands something. What’s fucked up is that he doesn’t want to know what actually happened. 11 years of friendship apparently mean nothing to him. I’m not going to write him off, because I’ve made that mistake before when someone does something this fucked up to me and regretted it, albeit several years later. Still, five months of sulking over nothing without even an explanation.

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