So, Kelley blasted me on AIM whi…

So, Kelley blasted me on AIM while I wasn’t here suggesting that I’m setting it up so that I look like the victim of the Kenny situation here on Jux. I don’t think it’s that way at all, personally, but let’s look at this. I’m certainly the “victim” of being ignored, something Kenny cannot claim as I have tried to contact him. Kenny is the “victim” of the perceived slight that originated this situation.

While I can be accused of sometimes making things seem more black and white than they might be, I don’t think it’s the case in thi situation. I’ve tried to explain myself and make amends, and Kenny ignores me. I don’t consider myself the “victim”, but I’m not going to lie about what I think on here either, as that serves no purpose. I don’t think the post below says anything other than that I’m frustrated that we can’t just talk about this.

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