So far I've spent two days doing…

So far I’ve spent two days doing nothing but filing (only one papercut!) for 6-8 hours a day with just a smidgen of general training, or maybe the lovely vacation of sitting at a photocopier for two hours. Luckily tomorrow I actually get my desk/cube. By next week they’ll be done flogging my library/having a brain experience in organizing and 6 months of back paperwork will be properly put in order in Data Integrity.

The frame for my diploma has come, but no diploma yet.

Thinking about going to Georgia State in the fall is a bit weird, like I can’t focus on it right now. All I’m thinking about now is that I have to call my handler at Sapphire tomorrow to ask her how to completely fill out my time card and fax it to them (it’s a weird shape, but they must have it faxed!) tomorrow. The other new guy from Sapphire is nice, we spoke for awhile today. He’s also going to ditch Verizon in fall for graduate school, although he didn’t feel the need to announce the fact ahead of time like I did. It’s interesting.

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