I have not forgotten my obligati…

I have not forgotten my obligations, but it has, as always, been busy. Working a full 40 hour week in Alpharetta while trying to get stuff ready to move is a bit of a hassle, to say the least.

All of the major shopping is done for the apartment though, with the total cost of what we didn’t already have coming to $231.40, which really isn’t bad at all, since that includes:

  1. Nice dinnerware (2 sets of service for four, thus equaling service for 8).
  2. Cambridge Silversmiths flatware with the “Madison” finish (again, 2 sets of service for four).
  3. A set of stainless steel cookware from Target to get started with.
  4. A set of Libbey bar glasses (16)
  5. A set of Farberware knives and block.
  6. A Dirt Devil Dynamite vacuum, since Erin is taking the one we replaced at the house with the Hoover Fusion (which I love, but damn if the thing isn’t expensive).
  7. Lots of little things not worth mentioning.

Still a few other little things to pick up, but we’re mostly set.

Speaking of toys though, Travis and I bought Air Hogs Aero Aces on Sunday based on the recommendation of Ars Technica, and damned if those things aren’t a blast. Unfortunately mine broke mysteriously (one engine is now kaputt) while sitting perfectly still with nothing touching it, so I have to take it back and exchange it before I can continue annoying the hell out of dragonflies. Until I get one in the air again I do not feel like a complete human being.

On a penultimate note, my 40-pound “it’s not a damn bean bag” LoveSac was delivered today right after I left for work, meaning it’s sitting on the porch at the moment. When I get home tonight I shall see if the GameSac is worth the price I paid for it.

On a final note, Jennifer, my boss, who is living in our house on Oakdale and taking care of Vivian’s cats, was in an accident on Friday that totaled her car and left her pretty shaken up. She’s okay, but she’s not been at work the past two days, which is a bit distressing. Vivian’s going by to check on the cats tonight, though, so I’ll find out more then. She’s a very nice lady, and down to earth, so I hope she’s not too affected by this. I mean, accidents happen, it wasn’t her fault, and the only casuality was a Saturn.

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