Let me tell you about my week la…

Let me tell you about my week last week!

First, my dad offs the Mazda 626 in a blaze of glory by deciding to ram it into the back of a dump truck on Monday.

On Friday, my iPod decides to commit suicide. The first and only time it’s ever dropped anywhere, and it lunches itself on soft carpet after a two-foot fall. It must have landed just the wrong way. Do I have the money to repair it? No, but I’m going to anyway.

On Saturday Vivian’s car’s engine seizes. It has to be replaced. The mechanic says there was no oil in it, but that has to be a symptom and not the disease, as I checked and topped off the oil the day before.

Also on Saturday, dad bought himself a 2003 Mustang GT convertible to replace the Mazda. So I guess it wasn’t all bad.

However, I have to move in a week, and Vivian’s going to be paying off the car a lot longer than she thought, because we have to drop a rebuilt engine in it. At least it’ll come with a warranty and run a good damn while longer, at least.

I miss talking to Samantha. I can never reach her lately. She was all over my life in early college, at the same time I was simultaneously trying to remove Rebecca and keep her. I was thinking about that era of my life, the pre-Jux college era, yesterday, as I cleaned out my chest of drawers and looked and my old pictures. I need to call Sam again. She has my work number but hasn’t gotten to me yet.

Speaking of Rebecca, if you’re interested (or if you’re Rebecca!): I’ve said my piece, and I’ve received the answer I was looking for and expecting. She knows where to find me if she wants to talk. There’s no hard feelings or anything, I just have other things to worry about, and I’m not going to be the only one keeping up contact. It doesn’t make sense to me, it never did actually, but I don’t like to let friends slip away. If this is what it is to be, then let it be so. I hate it when anyone I was close to fades away, but life is life, and shit happens. I guess Rebecca bothers me because I never reached a conclusion with her that I was comfortable with until now.

Housewarming party on the 15th, remember!

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