I feel mostly dead. (Nearly) all…

I feel mostly dead. (Nearly) all my stuff is here, but none of it is unpacked or in the right place. I’ve been moving all day. Vivian and my mother are on the way back with a dining table and two cats. I’ve discovered free internet being provided by a fraternity of some sort. I’m going to be good and nice with it, because my connection won’t be hooked up until the 21st. That’s a long time to be without the net. Too long, really. No TV or phone service until then, either, as they’re all being provided by Comcast.

Overall the move went well today. I’m strongly considering taking half a day off tomorrow to combat the OMG STUFF that still has to be done, like buying groceries and such, but we’ll see. Pictures of the new place will come as soon as I get my digital camera and my real internet connection. I don’t want to leach the bandwidth of these poor souls.

My real computer isn’t even here yet…just the Shebintosh (MacSheba G4!). She serves whenever she is called on, and she serves well.

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