Alright, so after a week and a h…

Alright, so after a week and a half of benevolently appropriating an open wireless network for my internet needs in my new apartment (who the fuck changes the SSID, but leaves the router with the default password and no WEP encryption? What the fuck?) our Comcast digital cable, internet, and digital voice was hooked up Friday night by the best tech ever. Really nice, did his job well, played with our cats, fixed the wiring in half the apartment…the whole shebang!

Twenty-four hours of gentle cable bliss were to follow. The TiVo, freed from being able to record nothing at all, suckled upon the breast of the cable box and restored us with such lovely programs as Mythbusters. A good time was had by all!

And then, at 10:30pm last night, it all went out instantly. Was it the digital box? No, the TV in the bedroom, hooked up straight to the old analog cable, worked fine. The whole apartment was out. I call Comcast, the soonest they can get a tech out to me is Tuesday. Fucking A’. But at least our service is refunded through then.

Today, having nothing better to do really and not feeling like actually leaving my apartment complex, I strap on some shoes and wander around to see if maybe I can find and fix the problem. And then I see this.

Some fucking asshole, apparently pissed off that the Comcast guy turned off his free ride when he was here, has knocked the entire fucking cablebox off the wall trying to break the padlock! Once inside, he has completely removed the hookups to our apartment (not pictured: I looked inside, and our apartment is currently hooked up to Jack and Shit). They’ve moved the cables to their apartment’s hookups. To add insult to injury, they removed even the loop cable going to our apartment, which does nothing with the live cable is removed (seriously, what the fuck you cocksucking shitstains, are you that stupid when it comes to wiring or did you just think it’d be cute to leave a fucking piece of labeled coaxial cable hanging on the box? “No one will ever fucking know where it came from! We’re so clever!”). Now, seeing as all the older cables are orange, and the only stuff on the truck that the guy had on Friday was black, and also seeing as the black live cable is the only one in the entire box labeled with a “digital voice” tag, I could easily fix this thing, maybe. But being the nice guy I am, I don’t want to accidentally fuck up the service of someone who’s actually paying for it. So I tell the office what happened after calling Comcast and telling them that the whole damned box is hanging off the building. The soonest they can get here is fucking Tuesday still, but “luckily”, my dad was laid off last Friday, and the unemployment office is right down the street from my new place, so I don’t have to take a day off work to be here for them!

And, I’m sure that whoever apparently thought a Comcast truck was here to install live cable to an empty apartment, and thought that no one would ever know what they did, will soon face at the very least a nasty letter, because they were took fucking inconsiderate to go buy a splitter and some coax at Wal-Mart and steal cable the old fashioned fucking way.

God Damnit.

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