Comcast Update! So they rolle…

Comcast Update!

So they rolled out on Tuesday, and apparently the tech they sent out was either completely incompetent, or the fuckers did more damage than they meant to. He claimed to me that he tested every line in the place, and my cable never came back on. Fucking. Wonderful.

So as this moron is leaving Tuesday afternoon, he says that because he’s a fucking dumbass, someone from “Maintenance” (I guess that’s the next level of Comcast tech up in the dogpile) will be out within 24 hours to finish the job.

Then he calls me back. 24 hours won’t work. How about fucking thursday at fucking 5-8pm? Do I have much choice, shitstain? Nope? Then bring it.

Yesterday was Thursday. No one shows. No one calls. At 7:50pm, I call Comcast. The appointment is in the book, the CSR verifies, but she’s not sure why no one bothered to show. A $20 “on time guarantee” is deposited into my account (Hey! If I can keep this up, I can turn not having cable into a positive cash flow!) Then she puts in a ticket to dispatch to find out why the fuck no one showed up. Someone should call me “in 10-15 minutes.”

At 9:30pm, with no call, I call Comcast back.

The new CSR tells me that dispatch closes at 8:00, so he’s not sure why the previous moron told me I’d be getting a call back that night. Unfortunately, the soonest time he has available for an appointment is Sunday from 11 to 2, BUT, dispatch should call me back in the morning. For reals!

It’s 10:34. So far, no call. These fuckers have until noon before I call them back. And so fucking help me, if no one gets out there until Sunday, they’re refunding ALL of those damned “setup and installation” fees that obviously did so much good, or I’m getting Dish fucking Network, apartment or no, and fucking Bellsouth DSL.

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