My network of chatters at work t…

My network of chatters at work through Gmail has expanded to include Scott and Peter as of this week. Considering how slow work has been, this is actually pretty important. It keeps me sane.

The best part of Gtalk is that it saves logs automatically in your Gmail account. It is this feature, and this feature alone, that makes me want to move from AIM to Gtalk as a primary chatting client. I might do it soon. In fact, I like the logging so much that I have uploaded my old logs to Gmail in the form of emails. All the way from the IRC days, in fact.

Logging is my favorite chatting feature, all the way back to my IRC days. The only things I don’t have logged are the two (three?) years that we used AIM as the client, not just the protocol, and it didn’t have autologging. I only have a few sessions saved from those days. But the things you remember to save are usually not the ones you actually need to reference later. Take, for instance, the conversation that led to the Kenny thing. That took place on a portable client. AIM Express, to be exact. No log, and it’s very noticable.

Homemade pizza time!

Happy birthday, Ancient Old Man Travis!

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