Well, my birthday is done. Gradu…

Well, my birthday is done. Graduate school continues to absorb my time. At work, I’m now redesigning the intranet staff webpages instead of scrubbing packages, although that’s a temporary job.

What else to discuss?

The weekly game night with Scott, Travis, and Peter is going really well. I’m not sure if we’ll transition into Warhammer or just keep doing the mix of boardgames and videogames we currently adhere to, but it’s a pleasant night out with “the guys” and so I am happy that it continues in what appears to be a healthy fashion.

It’s been eight months since Kenny decided to be an ass and fuck over Travis and I. I’m not being polite about it any more, because even if I had done any of the bullshit he says I did, he would still owe us both better, especially Travis, who hasn’t actually done anything. The whole situation just pisses me off, and people always ask me about it. I guess I should put the full story up on Jux at some point now that it looks like this is going to end later rather than anything that could be considered sooner.

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