I'm house-sitting in Jasper for …

I’m house-sitting in Jasper for the rest of the week, and let me tell you, it feels weird. Part of it is probably that there’s no one else here, but for some reason, this place doesn’t feel that comfortable to me at all anymore. I wouldn’t think that after just two months being gone I’d lose the “home” feeling from here, but I have.

Stuff is in different places. All of my stuff is gone, and my old room is completely empty other than a DVR and a computer. It’s great to see and be around Sadie again, but she has a different leash.

It’s still home, but now, it’s more of a “home place” I guess. Being outside is the strangest part of it all, really. This is a change I expected to happen, having experienced it before with the house on Oakdale, but it’s not one that I expected to happen quite so quickly. Just strange overall.

I think at work tomorrow I’m going to work on a feature about the last three “epochs” of my life. It’s become clear to me now, after my earliest suspicions around April, that I am officially in a new era of my life. I think I’ll chart the last three eras (a history starting in 1998), or maybe four (a history starting in 1996).

It would be a fun, if perhaps depressing and weird at some points, diversion at the least.

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