I was supposed to get at least 1…

I was supposed to get at least 10 pages of my seminar paper done by now. Instead, I’ve done two. But, I’ve decided to write it like I wrote my senior thesis, and do it in chapter sections. Tomorrow I’m doing the entire section on the British elites (Gladstone, Palmerston) during the American Civil War. Following that I’m going to do the Labor papers, Labor meetings, and the American responses to the plight of Lancashire.

What’s due next Monday is actually just the first draft, but I will be graded on it, so it’s still important. After that I have the first draft of a paper I’ve not even actually started on due the Monday after Thanksgiving. But, since that’s a historiography paper rather than a true research project, it’s much simpler to write.

I actually dislike writing historiography papers usually, but I’ve had to do so many this semester that my British Perceptions in the American Civil War research paper is actually going to be part historiography, because that’s just the style of writing and research I’m doing right now. I guess I’m getting used to it. It definitely adds something to my more comfortable research writing, but I still dislike doing pure historiography, and I hope to get away from it next semester.

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