A bit more progress done. I'm th…

A bit more progress done. I’m through with Palmerston and Gladstone, other than what I plan to touch-up during work tomorrow. Tomorrow night I plan to start working on the general thoughts of the labor movements at the time, like the rallies and such. My paper still feels a bit confused, but I think I’ll be able to stream line it. My main confusion is still with the “research versus historiography” problem I’m having conceptually.

Google Docs (formerly Writely) is something I’d played around with before, but when I started work on this paper in exile I figured I’d see how it did on something larger than a note. Long story short, it fucking sucks ass. I’m sure this has all been written about before, but this was my first attempt at using it as a real word processor. Why can’t I set margins on pages? Let’s not get started on footnotes. My original plan was to upload my work to Google Docs so I could make a few quick changes if I needed to while keeping an online backup. But since it seems to have a vendetta against intelligent formatting, it’s back to uploading a backup to Jux and keeping my thumb drive handy at work.

On a vaguely related note, I finally picked up my GSU id (“Panther Card”) today. That means I can stop doing all of my database research through my alumni KSU account and actually use the library of my current home institution! Huzzah!

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