'd! Although we faile…’d!

Although we failed to find a Wii in our hunt with Peter last night, he secured one from K-Mart this morning. My plan to get one from Costco has also succeeded. Rather than venture down to their warehouse, since they told us yesterday they weren’t getting any in today and not that many at all anyway, I ventured forth to their website. No Wii was listed. Luckily, I knew the product code, and entering it summoned up the “limited supplies available!!!” of the Wii + Excite Truck + Zelda bundle. $339.99. Hell yeah.

After shipping and tax it comes out to essentially the exact same as if I’d bought the console and those two games anywhere else at launch. I have to wait a week or so for the standard shipping to get it to me. I have to buy a Wiimote and nunchuck. But I’ve got my receipt right here, and best of all, Costco means lifetime extended warranty. Including refunds on the shipping costs.

So, yes, I promised myself after we bought the Lancer that I wasn’t going to get a Wii at launch. I caved. There is no excuse. I think I might give one of the games (Excite Truck) to my mother to wrap up for Christmas or something, though.

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