Apologies for the lack of update…

Apologies for the lack of updates. Work on my second seminar paper and Thanksgiving have eaten up most of my time lately. That and playing Wii Sports with Viv, Peter, and Travis.

I just turned in my rough draft on the historiography of the origins of World War One. I know how much I’ve bitched about historiography in the past, but doing a paper on a subject I’m actually interested in the field may have driven me to like it. I’ve always been more personally fond of the writing and analysis side of history than I have been pouring through microfilm looking for a tiny blurb of a primary source (although that’s fun too), and that’s what historiography is all about.

I’ll probably wait to post my World War One paper until I’ve completed my final draft. Next Monday my final draft of my research on the perceptions of British working men during the American Civil War is due, and that will be uploaded as a feature then. I’m giving a presentation on my findings on that topic in about an hour and a half. This is my break between classes.

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