Other than these past two days a…

Other than these past two days at work, I’ve been playing videogames pretty consistently since Christmas, as is my custom. It’s great!

Christmas this year was actually really good despite the breaking of traditions, which as you know is something I despise if it can be avoided. Especially at my favorite time of year. This year was the first time that everyone wasn’t living in the same house on Christmas, so Vivian and I slept up in Jasper on our air mattress Sunday night in the spare bedroom upstairs. I was still there waking people up at dawn on Christmas morning: 24 Christmases and counting! It was good to have Vivian there and part of the family too.

Speaking of Vivian, she made some delicious homemade pizza last night. She/We have been steadily working our way up the pizza chain since we moved to Kennesaw in July. I’ve identified a few stages:

Stage 1: Pizza stone, pre-shredded cheese, Ragu pizza sauce, pre-made crusts.

Stage 2: Block mozzarella replaces shredded cheese.

Stage 3: Frozen dough replaces pre-made dough. Pre-made sauce is no more; now we roll our own sauce, baby!

Stage 4: Real mozzarella (the squishy kind!)

Stage 5: Make your own dough. We reached this stage last night.

I also noticed yesterday that my bottle of Axe Kilo shower gel is at least 7 months old, and stil has a few months to go before its out. When I first started buying the stuff I was put off by it costing as much as 10 bars of soap, but damn, it has staying power!

On a final note: Twilight Princess is now the best Zelda ever. I beat it a few days ago and I’m patiently waiting for someone else to do it so I can discuss the ending with them. It deserves a sequel of its own!

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