We've moved

It’s official, we’re on the new server after a lot of testing at http://www.rosconi.net. I wrote a nice post about the first Jux baseball game there, but Peter destroyed it because he hates America. A large part of that message was recovered:

Team Jux beat Team Biscuit 18-12 after five innings, despite a rocky start where it looked like they wouldn’t be able to keep pace with Team Biscuit in runs during the first inning. Of greater note are the following amazements:

Number of Line Drives Caught: 3

By the pitcher: 1

Number of Grand Slams hit: 1

By Team Jux: 0

Number of Wooden Bats Broken: 1

Number of Aluminum Bats Dented: 1

Number of Balls Badly Mishapen: More than 5, less than 15. Exact number unclear.

Clearly, we were playing with POWAH.

What you’re looking at now is Jux Entente 3.0. The “brand new” code that Kenny made for 2.0 has been discarded after we’ve lived in its shell for several years. This is also the first brand-new look since 2002. It’s definitely derivative; you can see the old Jux clearly in the colors and general “appearance” of the site. But the navigation is better, the posts are better, and the backend is the best we’ve ever had. We’re using a greatly hacked and bastardized version of WordPress now. I’ll miss having everything home grown, but it was for the best, really.

Now, some props. The appearance of the site was my job again, with lots of help from Peter since I knew jack about PHP. Peter was in the charge of moving the forum as well. Travis was in charge of migrating the database, which was basically all of our old content. And it’s here. We’re not quite done setting things up yet, in fact this post is being made to the test bed and not to the main page yet, but the hard part is over.

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