This Day In Jux Entente History (Again)

Graeme goes back into his log files to find out what we were doing on this day in text-encoded history.

On this day (sorta) in 1999… All logs other than a brief, bitter few from the time before February 11, 1999 were wiped out in a harddrive crash on my old computer. You can see February 11th, 1999 below.

Session Start: Thu Feb 11 15:37:18 1999
*** Now talking in #zsoft
-> *x* access
-X- SYNTAX: access [nick]
-> *x* access #zsoft silverswd
*** Disconnected
Session Close: Thu Feb 11 15:43:25 1999

Session Start: Thu Feb 11 15:45:08 1999
*** Now talking in #zsoft
die x, die
*** Zen^aWaY has joined #Zsoft
*** X sets mode: +o Zen^aWaY
* Zen^aWaY – BaCK!!#$ – [no reason]
*** Zen^aWaY is now known as ZenZagg
do you know how long i took setting up the damn sound and graphics cards?
*** Disconnected
Session Close: Thu Feb 11 16:07:38 1999

Session Start: Thu Feb 11 18:11:59 1999
*** Now talking in #zsoft
*** Topic is ‘!`Greed! PURK BUTT!’
*** Set by ZenZagg on Thu Feb 11 17:26:27
*** SilverSwd is on IRC (BOW BEFORE YOUR GOD!)
that’s right
i did that AFTER my computer crashed
does kenny ever come on?
Kenny is a looser
Kenny sucks
where do you change it!
before 5.5 too
in address book
* `Greed is soooo kewl
* `Greed made his buttons semi-flat
so all my buttons align together to create an awesome looking bar
winzip should come with windows
no it shouldn’t
Microsoft Non-Working unzipper should come with windows
they would like call it, MSZIP
open IE
and goto
what’s a .sng file?
and watch all the errors you get
I gotta change muh homepage
ppl say “why does ur site say you suck and you hate zenzagg?”
I gotta change muh ears
I didn’t do that
wasn’t me
* `Greed points at Silverswd
god SilverSwd
you are a dick
* ZenZagg bestows his gaze upon greed… Greed feels a little sunbeam hitting him from the heat of the gaze.
* `Greed laughs and hits his electoplamatic wristband button
* `Greed has a giant forcefield of a shockwave surrounding him
why won’t it load the pop-ups?
there we go
currently getting real player g2 back
the icq
then AIM
then netscape
you looser bitch
having AIM on your computer is like a big “Kick me!” message on your desktop
ZenZagg: Guess what?
You’re bringin’ me dowwwwwn man!
‘ey fuk yew maun
what would you think about Razor 1911, Paradigm and Class grouping togheter?
might be cool
it HAS begun!
they started their release
wanna see some of their work?
* SilverSwd is away, rebuilding my empire
*** Disconnected
Session Close: Thu Feb 11 19:15:35 1999

On this day in 2000… AIM couldn’t log automatically, so I have nothing. Sort of. I actually have a highly random ICQ conversation about Travis having a crush on Rebecca, but more than enough has been said about that event in our forum and about her on this website already.

On this day in 2001… AIM couldn’t log automatically, so I have…nothing.

On this day in 2002… AIM couldn’t log automatically…so I switched to Trillian, finally, in late February. Here’s some of the earliest stuff. Starting with my earliest log and finishing with the first archived conversation following the return of Kitty Vertigo.

Session Start (AIM – CrossedReality:ZenZagg): Wed Feb 27 23:56:01 2002
CrossedReality: Hey, you there?
ZenZagg: ya
CrossedReality: I have abandoned AIM
ZenZagg: I can tell
ZenZagg: heh
CrossedReality: how?
ZenZagg: your font is garishly light and larger
CrossedReality: I must fix that
CrossedReality: hehe
ZenZagg: heh
CrossedReality: it looks the same over here
*** CrossedReality wants to directly connect.
*** ZenZagg is now directly connected.
CrossedReality: ta-da
ZenZagg: hehe
CrossedReality: this client serves AIM, Yahoo, MSN, and ICQ
ZenZagg: trillian?
CrossedReality: yep
CrossedReality: I was upset that it didn’t save contact on the AIM server, but that’s coming next
ZenZagg: too aesthetic for me
CrossedReality: and I can manually upgrade them.
CrossedReality: uhrm.
CrossedReality: what do you mean by that?
ZenZagg: I like simplicity
ZenZagg: its too flowery
CrossedReality: I don’t sense any flowerly
CrossedReality: uses less RAM than AIM
CrossedReality: has more features
CrossedReality: what’s to lose?
CrossedReality: lol
CrossedReality: something…rather strange
ZenZagg: hehe
ZenZagg: it’s all XP-like, I wonder if its skinnable
ZenZagg: *standard* skin
ZenZagg: heh
CrossedReality: it is
CrossedReality: very skinnable
CrossedReality: but I like the default
ZenZagg: interesting
ZenZagg: hehe
ZenZagg: doenst support direct connect
CrossedReality: yeah it does
CrossedReality: dude
CrossedReality: we’re direct connected
*** ZenZagg has received ff11.jpg.
CrossedReality: dude!
ZenZagg: ?
CrossedReality: SecureIM
ZenZagg: !!?
CrossedReality: dHz
ZenZagg: oh wow
ZenZagg: I had an outdated version
ZenZagg: just upgraded
ZenZagg: neato
CrossedReality: yeah
CrossedReality: hehe
CrossedReality: lots of options
CrossedReality: I’m going to have to take some time to get it right
CrossedReality: but, seriously, I’m happier already
CrossedReality: okay
CrossedReality: now I need to see something
CrossedReality: brbr
Session Close (ZenZagg): Thu Feb 28 00:15:00 2002

Session Start (AIM – CrossedReality:Kitty Vertigo): Wed Feb 27 23:55:31 2002
CrossedReality: still there?
Kitty Vertigo: no
CrossedReality: okay
Kitty Vertigo: πŸ™‚
CrossedReality: I’ve switched to ereet ness
Kitty Vertigo: im bored
Kitty Vertigo: ereet ness?
Kitty Vertigo: ness kicks ass
Kitty Vertigo: do you have a gamecube??
CrossedReality: not yet
Kitty Vertigo: my mom wanted to know if the n64 controllers will work with it
Kitty Vertigo: i told her probably not, but im not sure
CrossedReality: no, they won’t
Kitty Vertigo: damn
CrossedReality: very, very different
Kitty Vertigo: oh well
Kitty Vertigo: i think we are going to get one soon
Kitty Vertigo: kurtis and kyle have been asking for one
CrossedReality: I’m getting one when the Resident Evil remake comes out
Kitty Vertigo: resident evil remake?
CrossedReality: indeed
Kitty Vertigo: is that movie going to be good?
CrossedReality: I have no clue
CrossedReality: I hope so
Kitty Vertigo: the commercials look cool
CrossedReality: yeah
Kitty Vertigo: i never played those games
CrossedReality: I put them second after Final Fantasy
Kitty Vertigo: cool
CrossedReality: they rock
CrossedReality: you really should try one
Kitty Vertigo: hmm
CrossedReality: Code Veronica is on PS2
Kitty Vertigo: you have the first one?
CrossedReality: I have them all
Kitty Vertigo: could ya rip it into an .iso and send it to me?
CrossedReality: hmm
CrossedReality: never done that, how should I go about it?
Kitty Vertigo: PS emulators actually work nowadays πŸ™‚
Kitty Vertigo: get CDRWIN
CrossedReality: give me a link
Kitty Vertigo: (Link:
CrossedReality: okay
CrossedReality: I’ll go in a second
Session Close (Kitty Vertigo): Thu Feb 28 00:31:37 2002

On this day in 2003… I get lucky because the conversation on February 9th is not something that would get us in trouble with Google name searches again.

Session Start (AIM – CrossedReality:Travis): Mon Feb 10 21:20:17 2003
*** NOTE: An existing SecureIM session exists with user Travis. To close this session, right click -> Close SecureIM Session.
CrossedReality: Shoop…
Travis: 0914p Allegra tissue packs
0914p did you, or did you not piss
0914p ?
0914p they are a conspiracy
0915p I did an experiment
0915p I was fine
0915p then I took one out of the pack
0915p and sniffed it
0915p felt a slight tingle
0915p now my right nostril is running
0915p hehe
0915p hmmmm, allergy medication people give out tissues, tissues cause unknown runny nose, prepetual tissue usage, gee maybe I need allegra to solve my allergies
CrossedReality: 1) Or maybe you’re just allergic to something in them, followed by
2) Devaut lives!
Travis: hehe
CrossedReality: IRC?
Travis: 1) Or maybe you’re just allergic to something in them, followed by
Travis: isnt that a little too ironic, dontcha think?
Travis: yea
CrossedReality: …not really.
Travis: #davethomas
Session Close (Travis): Mon Feb 10 21:41:26 2003

Session Start (AIM – CrossedReality:Travis): Mon Feb 10 21:44:25 2003
*** NOTE: An existing SecureIM session exists with user Travis. To close this session, right click -> Close SecureIM Session.
CrossedReality: Actually, that’s a great idea.
CrossedReality: Write a feature about your monitors dying!
Travis: no, it saddens me :/
Travis: hehe
Travis: maybe I will
CrossedReality: So turn it funny!
CrossedReality: Oh, did you see tonight’s feature that isn’t posted yet?
Travis: no
CrossedReality: (Link:
Travis: hehe
Session Close (Travis): Mon Feb 10 21:48:24 2003

Session Start (AIM – CrossedReality:Travis): Mon Feb 10 22:36:15 2003
*** NOTE: An existing SecureIM session exists with user Travis. To close this session, right click -> Close SecureIM Session.
CrossedReality: Jesus christ, I have been foiled by my home.
Travis: ?
CrossedReality: I was supposed to do a home energy audit for my lab.
CrossedReality: But my house, as you know, does not follow a floor plan made by a sane person.
CrossedReality: Meaning all the info I have to work with is basically useless.
CrossedReality: Because my house is essentially a giant fucking room.
CrossedReality: So, instead of doing the lab, I’m going to take a few pictures and print them out πŸ˜‰
Session Close (Travis): Mon Feb 10 22:38:23 2003

Session Start (AIM – CrossedReality:Travis): Mon Feb 10 22:39:26 2003
*** NOTE: An existing SecureIM session exists with user Travis. To close this session, right click -> Close SecureIM Session.
Travis: lol
CrossedReality: I can drop two labs, so this is okay.
CrossedReality: But I suspect my professor will be interested by what he sees.
CrossedReality: heeh
CrossedReality: Would you want to try to do the calculations on the energy transfer involved in my home?
Travis: no
CrossedReality: hehe
CrossedReality: I love my house.
CrossedReality: But as soon as I saw the sheet I was like “Aaahhhh…fuck”
CrossedReality: Of course, there’s always a chance he’ll call for a quiz, which means I wouldn’t have needed the sheet anyway.
Travis: reboot
CrossedReality: Oh, did I tell you%@#$%#
CrossedReality: When you come back I must!
Travis: hurry!
Travis: ll
*** Travis signed off at Mon Feb 10 22:48:23 2003.
*** SecureIM session closed.
*** Travis signed on at Mon Feb 10 22:55:21 2003.
CrossedReality: Tomorrow at around noon, Sheba will beat the Gateway’s record for uptime. WinXP Pro trouncing our magical mixture. And, unlike the Gateway, Sheba shows no signs of lost performance. I remember the Gateway couldn’t play mp3s without skipping if I was browsing the web once it passed the 2.5 week mark.
*** Travis wants to establish a SecureIM session.
*** SecureIM session established with Travis.
Travis: s
Travis: ok, make the beep noise if this is Graeme
Travis: I see a purple flickering horizontal scan right now
Travis: so whoever this is, I cannot see who it is
CrossedReality: (beep)
Travis: ok
Travis: great fun
Travis: wonder why it didnt pop into VGA mode
CrossedReality: So you can’t read jack about what I say…great.
Travis: its fun navigating windows without a GUI
Travis: sharpens the senses
Travis: I think I ran the new driver install
Travis: but I cant be sure
Travis: prolly some confirmation box that I dont know what it looks like
Travis: I tried typing out the path from memory
Travis: let me alt tabb back to it
Travis: see if I can get more progress
CrossedReality: I’m going to say something that you’ll read in a log later.
Travis: y
CrossedReality: Oh, so you can see this?
Travis: d’oh, thats not a box!
CrossedReality: hahahah
Travis: ok, by my alt tabbing, there are two programs running on desktop
Travis: I’m guessing one of them is my ip logger
Travis: please check my ip in a web browser on port 7777
Travis: you can get my ip from ICQ
Travis: if I hear it ding, then I’ll know its open
Travis: and thus be able to close it with confidence
Travis: I will not let driver failure defeat me
Travis: I can navigate blindly
Travis: good
Travis: ding’ed
Travis: *alt tabs and kills*
Travis: dd
Travis: there, as suspected
Travis: now the page shouldnt load
Travis: that means whatever program I load next must get the focus
Travis: *tries to run display diver setup again
Travis: ah! the “disable nantivirus okbox
Travis: I will remember to hit enter after it loads
Travis: hello?
Travis: drat
Travis: wrong file nme
Travis: nvsetup
Travis: maybe its nvsetp
CrossedReality: Hi.
CrossedReality: Am I supposed to keep talking?
Travis: drat
Travis: not that either
Travis: ddd
Travis: I could go downstairs and browse that directory!
Travis: πŸ˜€
Travis: brb a sec
Travis: back
Travis: it was setup.exe
CrossedReality: Ah.
Travis: *tries again*
Travis: dd
Travis: arghhhhh
*** Travis signed off at Mon Feb 10 23:23:55 2003.
*** SecureIM session closed.
*** Travis signed on at Mon Feb 10 23:35:55 2003.
*** Travis signed off at Mon Feb 10 23:37:47 2003.
*** Travis signed on at Mon Feb 10 23:40:58 2003.
*** Travis wants to establish a SecureIM session.
*** SecureIM session established with Travis.
Travis: o.
Travis: ok.
Travis: I am java-vnc-ing from dad’s computer
CrossedReality: CrossedReality: Tomorrow at around noon, Sheba will beat the Gateway’s record for uptime. WinXP Pro trouncing our magical mixture. And, unlike the Gateway, Sheba shows no signs of lost performance. I remember the Gateway couldn’t play mp3s without skipping if I was browsing the web once it passed the 2.5 week mark.
Travis: I read that in buffer
CrossedReality: Anyway, you totally fucked your video drivers, then?
Travis: this sucks
Travis: no
Travis: even in BIOS
CrossedReality: What’s happening then?
Travis: monitor goes fubar
CrossedReality: …monitor then…
CrossedReality: 3 Down!
CrossedReality: hehe
CrossedReality: …only, not so funny.
Travis: well
Travis: either that, or my video card
Travis: this has happened before I think
Travis: I dont remember what caused it
CrossedReality: I sent you that link about the gainward cards shipping faulty.
CrossedReality: Some of them.
Travis: yea.
CrossedReality: Causing the same red/magenta/purple screens.
Travis: well if that’s the case I may be getting a 9700 soon
CrossedReality: I’m looking at 9500 Pro’s.
CrossedReality: DX9, outperforms a GeForce4 Ti 4600/4800, less than $200.
Travis: mmm
CrossedReality: Likely to be more, soon.
CrossedReality: Err, less, more value.
CrossedReality: As I told you, the GeForce FX 5800 Ultra was canceled.
Travis: hehe
CrossedReality: Which means that Nvidia’s new card, released months later, will be LESS powerful than a 9700 Pro.
CrossedReality: …does that or does that not sound like the Voodoo 5 vs. the GeForce 2 to you?
CrossedReality: Of course, if 9700 (Pro)’s drop below $300, I’ll pick one of those up right quickly.
CrossedReality: A’cause it’ll last until FitzSheba, for sure.
CrossedReality: …you don’t seem to be drawing as much humour from the GeForce FX as I am πŸ™‚
CrossedReality: Hey, can you run any PC health/benchmark programs from VNC? Like Sandra or 3dmark?
CrossedReality: That’ll answer your videocard/monitor question real damn fast πŸ˜‰
Travis: uhhhh
Travis: you know, I wonder if you need a video card lol
CrossedReality: Eh?
Travis: I mean, I’m looking at this
Travis: but something isnt driving the display
CrossedReality: Lots of servers are controlled only remotely.
Travis: is it all software then translated into hardware?
CrossedReality: Windows still processes all of it’s basic GUI via the CPU
Travis: it would be a pain for the bios however
CrossedReality: That’s why moving a window drives up the CPU.
CrossedReality: …you knew that.
CrossedReality: That’s why I said try a benchmark. It’ll try to access the GPU, and, well, boom.
Travis: no, what I mean is, the VM
Travis: I’m thinking its not the GPU that is at fault
CrossedReality: …hmm….you’re right.
Travis: maybe the RAMDAC connection
CrossedReality: I hadn’t thought about the memory.
Travis: yea
Travis: *fires up ole sandy*
CrossedReality: The servers I spoke of have “integrated” graphics that are just never used.
CrossedReality: VRAM = RAM, then.
CrossedReality: My Mac requires an OpenGL card to run, since MacOS saves taxes on the processor by letting the GPU calculate the GUI, a stroke of brilliance in my opinion, and one I had thought of before.
CrossedReality: Remember my “Why the hell can’t we use the GPU as a co-processor?” thoughts? πŸ™‚
Travis: heh
Travis: opengl info all correct
CrossedReality: Well, I know you have at least one extra monitor around, no matter how tiny, old, or bad.
Travis: yea…:/
CrossedReality: Drag it up there (or drag the PC down) and see.
Travis: I’ll do that tomorrow
CrossedReality: Just to test.
Travis: until then, I am bound to the wonderful world of VNC
Travis: *memorizes IP*
CrossedReality: hehe
Travis: what was my ip anyway
CrossedReality: You know what I love? The thought of something failing over here doesn’t bother me as much.
CrossedReality: Because I have a back-up PC! πŸ™‚
Travis: bahbbahabahbahbahabh!
Travis: first my sidekick, now my computer
CrossedReality: Oh shit, I forgot about your sidekick.
Travis: I dont have upgrademoney anymore
CrossedReality: Well, I can think of at least two monitors you should have that will keep it working until you have upgrade money.
Travis: ole blurry
Travis: ryans
Travis: arliss sucks
CrossedReality: Ole hurt my fucking eyes.
CrossedReality: hehe
CrossedReality: Man, I don’t know how you lasted as long as you did…
CrossedReality: Well, if you can afford not to, I would recommend against getting a Wal-Mart monitor.
CrossedReality: Even better, did the magenta wonder have a warranty?
CrossedReality: (my Aquaview has at least a three year, and maybe a lifetime, I’m not sure)
Travis: I’m too tired to consider all of the options
Travis: πŸ˜€
CrossedReality: …heeey.
Travis: I dont know which is worse
CrossedReality: Your card has TV out, right?
CrossedReality: πŸ™‚
Travis: …
Travis: hehe
Travis: no, not going there
Travis: lol
CrossedReality: Lower the res to 800×600 for awhile…maybe 640…
Travis: 640 is tv res
CrossedReality: I know
CrossedReality: But I know that 800×600 still looks decent on them.
CrossedReality: (emulated)
Travis: hmm
Travis: I dont know which is worse
Travis: a bad video card, or a bad monitor
CrossedReality: Warranty would be my first idea.
Travis: that monitor rocks
CrossedReality: Go test the card real quick.
CrossedReality: hehe
CrossedReality: You’ve got the p90’s monitor around!
Travis: and I’d feels so guilty if I was jolting it and smacking it to no avail when it was the video card
CrossedReality: …DirectX crashes VNC/computer, doesn’t it?
Travis: dude
Travis: no, it just doesnt show
Travis: dude
Travis: open sisoft
Travis: right now
CrossedReality: Don’t have it.
Travis: go to directx info
Travis: !@$@#%!
CrossedReality: Sorry!
CrossedReality: Send it!
CrossedReality: ehhe
Travis: theres two entries
CrossedReality: …
Travis: Can Manage Textures in Video Memory
Travis: and AGP memory
Travis: both are X’d out
CrossedReality: So, windows punted you to using RAM for VRAM.
Travis: I dont know
CrossedReality: And, because just looking for openGL information doesn’t access the GPU, just the drivers…
CrossedReality: …Do you see?
Travis: that sounds pretty basic…to not be supported
Travis: I’m stuck at 800×600 too
CrossedReality: That’s default res for Win 2000 up.
CrossedReality: At least, it is for XP.
Travis: max
Travis: hmm
CrossedReality: so, got an extra videocard laying around?
CrossedReality: πŸ™‚
Travis: nope
CrossedReality: I know where the GeForce 3 is, what about the ole Voodoo?
Travis: ryan
CrossedReality: …and you really don’t have the money to replace it yet, do you?
Travis: no.
CrossedReality: Almost a year old…might be out of warranty.
CrossedReality: 😦
CrossedReality: (Link:
CrossedReality: Err.
CrossedReality: Well, I can’t seem to pull up newegg anymore, but that was a humourous link to a TNT2 πŸ˜‰
CrossedReality: Ah, there newegg goes.
Travis: oh
CrossedReality: As in “what’s the cheapest thing possible I can think of off the top of my head that Travis could use for awhile and then treat as if it was disposable”
Travis: no πŸ˜›
CrossedReality: But, actually, it appears RAGE 128’s are a few bucks cheaper.
CrossedReality: hehe
Travis: I sleep now
CrossedReality: G’night.
Travis: I enjoy respites from the computer actually
CrossedReality: Sorry that your room killed another one.
CrossedReality: I can’t get a respite.
Travis: its just the fact that I’m trying to get a business going and I’m looking like an ass because my communications mediums are going under
CrossedReality: Everything I do, school work, work work, etc.
CrossedReality: Yeah, that sucks 😦
Travis: I think it might just be the card’s RAM
CrossedReality: Travis, that basically means it’s the card.
CrossedReality: You can’t just replace VRAM.
Travis: nope
Travis: I think I know what happened to the sidekick and why it didnt instantly fix itself when I corrected the problem
Travis: it most likely has a software panic service switch
Travis: *fix*
CrossedReality: Error code, then.
Travis: yea
CrossedReality: Like in a car.
CrossedReality: Interesting theory.
Travis: I have no way of knowing how to reset the service switch though
Travis: so I’m just going to see what my options are in the replacement arena
CrossedReality: …like I suggested?
CrossedReality: When it broke?
CrossedReality: πŸ˜€
CrossedReality: If you’re going to start relying on your sidekick for your business, you might want to think about (I’m not saying you should get, necessarily), a phone that has a more reliable track record.
Travis: well
Travis: in danger’s defense
Travis: they let the carrier do the fab
Travis: t-mobile = the crap
Travis: as soon as they get another carrier
CrossedReality: Well, that’s sort of beside the point.
Travis: I’m hopping ship
Travis: I’m not renewing my contract for that reason
CrossedReality: I just mean that since you’re obviously stuck in your service agreement, you might need a more sturdy phone, especially if you’re going to rely on it.
Travis: they supposedly have a color version in the works
CrossedReality: My phone is colour πŸ˜€
Travis: thats what I mean, I’m going to get a cheap reliable no contract phone until danger hooks a sweeter deal
Travis: I really like the platform
Travis: they just got raped by the carrier
CrossedReality: Well, you’re already in a contract.
Travis: I know
CrossedReality: One year or two year?
Travis: and it expires in october
Travis: so I’m not renewing
Travis: since it goes to 15mb anyway
Travis: though, I hear it really is hard to get 15mb in a month
Travis: they include tha tinfo in the bill now
CrossedReality: And no matter where you go, expect to get anally raped in prices on phones without a service plan.
CrossedReality: I mean, service agreement.
Travis: yea
CrossedReality: Unless you do a pre-paid plan like Free UP or something.
Travis: hmmm
Travis: I just need something temporary
Travis: I think danger does yearly outreach of carriers
Travis: that will work out good
Travis: unfortunately
Travis: t-mobile has GPRS dominance
CrossedReality: Nuh-uh.
CrossedReality: AT&T
CrossedReality: Beats the shit out of T-mobile in that area.
Travis: seriously?
CrossedReality: Yeah.
Travis: I dont see them taking up that demographic though
Travis: hmm
CrossedReality: *hugs his CDMA phone* Sure, it won’t work anywhere but the US…but damn, how well it works here, as opposed to the GPRS phones.
Travis: *thud*
CrossedReality: *waves*
Session Close (Travis): Tue Feb 11 00:48:50 2003

On this day in 2004… We were already talking about the first Jux Kickball game, months in advance!

Session Start (CrossedReality:Kenny): Tue Feb 10 01:06:54 2004
CrossedReality: No feature tonight, I guess 😐
*** Auto-response from Kenny: sleeped
Session Close (Kenny): Tue Feb 10 01:07:02 2004

Session Start (CrossedReality:Kenny): Tue Feb 10 01:24:41 2004
Kenny: that does seem to be a problem
*** Auto-response sent to Kenny: I am the crackers of connivery.
Kenny: sun of a bitch
Kenny: i can’t SSH into jux as juxstaff for some reason
Kenny: or as myself
Kenny: damn… i feel stupid
Kenny: i forgot the
Kenny: okay
Kenny: fixed the feature poster
Kenny: you might want to post the feature pretty soon so it regenerates the feature.html page
Kenny: the problem was that somehow our html directory permissions were changed so that they werent world writeable which means the feature poster couldn’t write the features
Kenny: im going to bed
Session Close (Kenny): Tue Feb 10 08:05:48 2004

Session Start (CrossedReality:Kenny): Tue Feb 10 11:19:58 2004
Kenny: LOL
*** Auto-response sent to Kenny: I am the crackers of connivery.
Kenny: My only regret is that it’s impossible to get Jayde Avakian for this.

CrossedReality: Well, not impossible, but damn hard πŸ˜€
*** Auto-response from Kenny: not skipping the rest of my classes today
Valerie (from my work) has offered to be the ringer for your girlfriend, should one not appear.
Session Close (Kenny): Tue Feb 10 12:54:37 2004

Session Start (CrossedReality:Kenny (Lab)): Tue Feb 10 17:35:18 2004
Kenny (Lab): i kick balls at kick ball
*** Auto-response sent to Kenny (Lab): Beauty is only a light switch away.
*** “Kenny (Lab)” signed off at Tue Feb 10 18:03:06 2004.
Session Close (Kenny (Lab)): Tue Feb 10 21:20:52 2004

Session Start (CrossedReality:Travis): Tue Feb 10 05:42:15 2004
*** Travis wants to establish a SecureIM session.
*** SecureIM session established with Travis.
Travis: (Link:
Session Close (Travis): Tue Feb 10 08:06:01 2004

Session Start (CrossedReality:Travis (HT)): Tue Feb 10 12:54:41 2004
CrossedReality: See you Jux feature? It’s a serious bit of business.
Session Close (Travis (HT)): Tue Feb 10 13:06:13 2004

Session Start (CrossedReality:Travis (HT)): Tue Feb 10 13:06:14 2004
CrossedReality: Firebird is now Firefox and .8 is out; Thunderbird is still Thunderbird and .5 is out.
Travis (HT): Got it last night
Session Close (Travis (HT)): Tue Feb 10 13:11:24 2004

Session Start (CrossedReality:Travis (HT)): Tue Feb 10 13:15:14 2004
CrossedReality: Cool.
CrossedReality: Did you see the newest Jux feature?
Travis (HT): Not yet
*** “Travis (HT)” signed off at Tue Feb 10 19:06:04 2004.
*** “Travis (HT)” signed on at Tue Feb 10 19:10:14 2004.
Travis (HT): Graeme you gotta get gunbound
*** Auto-response sent to Travis (HT): Beauty is only a light switch away.
Travis (HT): It is quite awesome
CrossedReality: I have gunbound.
CrossedReality: I suggested to Kenny that that might be our game for the summer
CrossedReality: I have it, but haven’t played it yet, though.
CrossedReality: The other option: StarChamber
Session Close (Travis (HT)): Tue Feb 10 21:21:28 2004

Session Start (CrossedReality:Travis (HT)): Tue Feb 10 21:22:39 2004
Travis (HT): Yea I was looking at that
*** Auto-response sent to Travis (HT): Beauty is only a light switch away.
Travis (HT): Different parts of the brain though
Travis (HT): I suggest de-n00bifying yourself like I did last night
CrossedReality: How about I play against you as a first time thing soon, we can get some practice?
CrossedReality: Also, have you read the Tee-Ball feature yet?
Travis (HT): Yes
Travis (HT): Sounds good
Travis (HT): Yes
CrossedReality: Will Sara play, do you think?
Travis (HT): Tonight maybe we can explode each other out of n00bdom
Session Close (Travis (HT)): Tue Feb 10 21:23:56 2004

Session Start (CrossedReality:Travis (HT)): Tue Feb 10 21:24:00 2004
CrossedReality: Tee-ball man, Tee-ball!
CrossedReality: eheh
Travis (HT): Hmm sure
Travis (HT): Don’t see why not
CrossedReality: Cool.
CrossedReality: When shall we play tonight?
Travis (HT): Sometime around 11:45
CrossedReality: Oooh, late. I’m up for it.
Travis (HT): Ish
Travis (HT): When I get home
Travis (HT): Keen
CrossedReality: *installs*
CrossedReality: Kenny used to play it all the time, so this could definately become the Jux game this summer.
Travis (HT): Really?
Travis (HT): Awesome!
Travis (HT): Been looking for a game we can al play
CrossedReality: He said he doesn’t have time now, though, we I talked to him about it a month or so ago
CrossedReality: Yeah, the same.
CrossedReality: Thus the WoW thing and me looking at Star Chamber πŸ˜€
Travis (HT): Hope I get in
CrossedReality: Me too
CrossedReality: Can we play a game just against each other?
Travis (HT): Yup
Travis (HT): Password it
CrossedReality: Cool
Travis (HT): I played till 5am last nightl
Travis (HT): lol
Travis (HT): I got my n00b on, bad
Travis (HT): But then I climbed the learning curve
Travis (HT): Its a lot harder/skillful than worms
CrossedReality: I shall see. I’ll wait for you to actually play for the first time πŸ˜€
Travis (HT): But more brainfun too
Travis (HT): Ok
CrossedReality: Then we can form a Jux clan/guild and go kick ass.
Travis (HT): Hehe
Travis (HT): Jewel mode is fun
Travis (HT): They mock and taunt you
CrossedReality: Part of the great Jux Game events of 2002 and 2003 was the comraderie of working together, so I don’t want to compete that much.
Travis (HT): We can be a team vs others later
CrossedReality: Since, generally, we got frustrated and stopped playing games when one of us became noticeably better than the others.
Travis (HT): But we must compete to get good
Travis (HT): Hehe
Travis (HT): Ah, yea
Travis (HT): The good thing about scorched eath type game
Travis (HT): s
Travis (HT): Is there is plenty of room for gaining skill within minutes
Travis (HT): Hehe
Travis (HT): And its fun when you lose too
CrossedReality: Does it have the random chaos of worms?
Travis (HT): Depends, but yes, in a more calculated way
CrossedReality: Okay, I can’t stand the engrish long enough to read the game guide on the site.
CrossedReality: hehe
CrossedReality: I’ll figure out as I go along tonight.
CrossedReality: Firefox has a worse name, but is even faster and has a MUCH better icon πŸ˜‰
Session Close (Travis (HT)): Tue Feb 10 21:51:22 2004

Session Start (CrossedReality:Travis (HT)): Tue Feb 10 21:53:50 2004
Travis (HT): Yes
Session Close (Travis (HT)): Tue Feb 10 22:12:41 2004

The next year was World of Warcraft…good times. I wish I had the logs from THOSE channels 😦

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