I'm feeling better

This past week has seen me the most sick I’ve been since high school, probably; not in “level of badness” category but definitely in the redundant “length of duration” category. It began last Wednesday when we got back from kicking all kinds of ass at trivia bowling at U.S. Play here in Kennesaw, winning five free passes for Team Awesome. That night I stumbled into bed feeling like I had a sore throat and kind of snuffly, and the next morning I woke up partly dead, I believe.

I wore the same t-shirt and the same pair of sleep pants that I went to bed with on Wednesday night through Sunday evening. I was that ill. I’ve not stepped outside of this apartment, even now, since Wednesday except to get the mail, which contained my delicious Netflix bounty that I will discuss below.

I probably could have gone to work this morning, but while I feel mostly better, I’m still not completely healed, and I have class tonight. I’m not sure the best way to finish this disease off is to go about a 13.5 hour day that includes almost three hours of driving. Missing school at the graduate level isn’t really much of an option unless the OR calls it in for you, so I made the only choice I had.

The only good thing about this whole ordeal is that it’s given me time to catch up on a lot of movies. I probably should have been reading for class, but my brain wasn’t fully on, so I missed that opportunity. In the past few days I’ve finally seen the following movies:

The Descent
The Grudge 2
A Tale of Two Sisters
The Hole

As well as also making it, finally, the final dungeon in Final Fantasy XII. I started playing that game at the beginning of the semester. As you can see, I haven’t exactly had time to breeze through it.

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