So it probably shouldn't…

But the Top Gear “America” special actually almost vaguely offended me. It was a hilarious hour of television, but I dislike some of their comments in the end.

Yes, New Orleans is still fucked up. It’s also a poor ass town, it was before the hurricane, and it will be for a long time to come. Bush should have done something about it, especially in the days and weeks where people were starving to death on the streets of a major American city, but looking at houses that are still damaged a year later (when it was filmed) and making judgements on that is a bit…much. Economically, why should I be paying to fix their home, as a taxpayer, because they can’t afford to and they built it on hurricane-alley swampland?

Would I rather the money be going there than Iraq? Fuck yes.

Would I rather it go to neither? Indeed. I wish we’d done more while the disaster was happening, but expecting the tax payers to rebuild private property is crazy. At least at a national level. And this is from someone who believes in socialized health care.

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