I hate my right eye

My recurrent corneal erosion continues to bother me. I haven’t “lost” a layer of cells or anything since February 7th because I’ve been wearing my new glasses, but there are obvious problems with the vision in that eye. Bright lights (or brightly contrasted lights on the Television, for example) “smear” to the right and down. Traffic lights and taillights are particularly obvious examples of this problem. I continue my eye drop treatment, but it doesn’t seem to be working to me. Even more maddening is that with even with my brand new glasses, because of this problem, I am not 20/20 in my right eye. Either the glasses were made wrong or my eye has gotten worse rapidly (perhaps because of the smearing, above). Or it could be that nothing seems like it’s in focus in that eye even at distances I can focus on easily; it looks just slightly off. I want it fixed, damnit.

Also, and I have no excuse at all for not writing about this yesterday, my family and friends went snow tubing in Maggie Valley this previous weekend. My parents, my dogs, my sister and her friend Megan, Vivian, Peter, Travis and I all went out in the cold in North Carolina to shove ourselves down a hill in tubes. My mother managed to slam face-first into a hay bale as a way of “stopping.” Most interesting was the layer of salt that my car was covered in when I returned. It was Celes Zwei’s first real experience in snow and ice mixed together, as opposed to just Georgia ice storms. Traction control for the win! Without it, I might not have been able to get up the hill back to our cabin once the snowstorm started.

I just wish I could stop dealing with, and worrying about, this stupid eye thing.

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