Yesterday, during some of my fleeting Wednesday night freetime, I installed Gallery on a subsection of Jux and started playing around with it. I wanted something more dynamic than just uploading Picasa exports to Jux as a way to display my photos. Unfortunately, Gallery is one of the shittiest pieces of software I have used in awhile.

It’s not that it’s broken. Everything worked exactly as it was supposed to. All the plugins were fine. It’s that it all sucks. Everything about it. It’s ugly, and no theme seems to be able to fix it. There’s no way to add large numbers of photos at once that’s any simpler than, again, just uploading a Picasa page. It’s clunky. It’s just…bad. I could list all the stuff I got annoyed with, but what’s the point? It’s like Yahoo’s home page. There’s so much wrong that it’s easier to try and find what’s right.

With Gallery, the only thing that was right is that everything worked exactly as intended. The intentions were just bad.

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