A night of domination

The sporting world was afire last night. Not only did Randy Couture destroy Tim Sylvia in a beautifully brutal beating, but Team Jux took Team Biscuit in the second game of the season 18 to 9 after five innings. The sixth inning was not played because the outcome was already decided.

It was an awesome game filled with better play all around from the people involved. I hit a grand slam, Travis threw a ball to the infield from the ground, Peter caught a pop foul ball at home after running from the pitcher’s mound, Travis II rocked so hard he threw out his shoulder…everyone has their own superlatives. I was glad I could play this time with both eyes working; no more randomly missing balls.

Make sure you show up next month (the current target date is April 7th) for game three of the series. Will Team Biscuit make a comeback from their two-game hole?

I sure hope not.

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